Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Commends Odisha Couple’s ‘Goat Bank’ Initiative

Bhubaneswar: In a recent episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Jayanti Mahapatra and Biren Sahu, a couple from Odisha, for their innovative ‘Goat Bank’ project aimed at promoting goat rearing in rural communities.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the couple’s transition from management professionals in Bengaluru to champions of rural empowerment in Kalahandi district. Their initiative, Manikastu Agro, focuses on improving villagers’ livelihoods through goat rearing.

The Manikastu Goat Bank, established by Jayanti and Biren, provides farmers with a sustainable system. Participating farmers receive two goats for 24 months, with the bank retaining a portion of the offspring while the rest are returned to the rearing families.

With over 1000 farmers from 50 villages now benefiting from their program, Jayanti and Biren’s efforts are leading towards self-reliance in animal husbandry. Prime Minister Modi expressed his admiration for professionals like them, who are using innovative methods to empower small-scale farmers and drive self-sufficiency in rural areas.

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