Nayagarh forest range personnel arrested 4 people

Hunting tigers and taking pictures with dead tigers after hunting is expensive for the hunters. The photo taken with the tiger less than 4 years ago caught him. In this incident, Nayagarh Backhand Pacharida range forest officials arrested the hunter Sanjay Swain on Thursday.

He will be arraigned on Saturday. Hunting wire and knife have been seized from Sanjay. One of the other 3 hunters is said to have died. The forest department has tried to arrest three other poachers.

According to information, after this photo was found in the forest department, the forest department started searching for the youth in the photo. Then the young man was identified as Sanjay Swain of Godipalli village near Pacharid Banachal near Sharankula. Sanjay’s house was raided by the forest department. But Sanjay was not caught as he was not at home. Later it was found that he was living in Bhubaneswar. And he was arrested when he came home on Friday.

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