Odisha Launches ‘Ama Kunipila’ Scheme On Children’s Day to Boost Early Childhood Development

Bhubaneswar: To mark Children’s Day, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik emphasized the significance of early childhood development, highlighting the critical first 1,000 days of a child’s life. Recognizing the need for proper education, healthcare, and environment during this crucial period, he urged all stakeholders to collaborate in ensuring a brighter future for the state’s children.

In response to this directive, the Women and Child Development Department officially launched the “Ama Kunipila” program. Aimed at children under three years old, the initiative focuses on home-based care and stimulation through parent-led early interventions for brain development. Key components include parental education on the importance of early years, involving fathers and male caregivers, and engaging children with low-cost, child-friendly toys made by parents.

The program emphasizes creating a stimulating environment through joyful, child-friendly learning at home. To support this, various informational materials, such as Mo Bikash Patra, Kuni Calendar, Aama Kunipila Flip Book, Sukhada Lalana Palana handbook, and Aama Kunipila toy kit, have been developed to enhance and reinforce the program’s activities. The initiative aims to facilitate effective implementation through parent and caregiver-friendly social behavior communication programs.

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