Female Priest and Sons Arrested in 14-Year-Old’s Suspected Human Sacrifice in Odisha

Athamallik: A 14-year-old boy was found dead in the Barini forest in Odisha, with his body severely decomposed and detached at the lower part. Four individuals, including a female priest named Ritanjali Bagh and her three sons, have been arrested in connection with the suspected human sacrifice case.

The victim, Sanchit Biswal, was taken to Ritanjali’s ashram on July 22 by his mother, Basanti. The mother and son were reportedly made to sleep in separate rooms that night. The next morning, when Basanti couldn’t locate her son in the ashram, she went to Kiakata police station to file a case but initially faced resistance. However, following public pressure, a case was later registered.

The discovery of Sanchit’s mutilated body triggered tension in the area, leading to protests and road blockades. Authorities have assured the public of prompt action in the investigation. A scientific team and dog squad have been deployed to aid in the inquiry.

The situation remains tense as authorities delve into the incident from all angles, aiming to bring justice to the grieving family and the local community affected by this tragic event.

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