Odisha Railway Scare: Potential Triple Train Collision Averted Near Rourkela Station

Rourkela: A potential catastrophe was narrowly averted in Odisha today as three passenger trains, including the Vande Bharat Express, found themselves on the same track, mere meters apart, near Rourkela Railway Station in Sundargarh district. The incident, which unfolded just 200 meters from the station, raised serious concerns about safety procedures and raised the spectre of a triple train collision in the Steel City.

The Sambalpur-Rourkela Memu train and Rourkela-Jharsuguda passenger train were found on the same track, approaching each other head-on, while the Puri-Rourkela Vande Bharat Express was also en route on the same line. The close call highlights the critical role of railway signalling systems and the potential consequences of malfunctions.

Preliminary investigations point to a malfunction in the railway signalling system as the likely cause of this near-disaster. Authorities have launched a thorough investigation to determine the exact cause of the error and to implement measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.


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