Odisha Women Millet Brand Ambassadors to Address World Leaders at G20

Bhubaneswar: Two tribal women from Odisha, Raimati Ghiuria and Subasa Mohanta, will be millet brand ambassadors at the G20 Summit in Delhi. They will address world leaders and delegates about the nutritional benefits of millets, the lifestyle of tribal communities, and the success of the Odisha Millet Mission.

Raimati Ghiuria is a 36-year-old farmer who has been awarded for her contributions to agriculture. She will showcase the cultivation of “kundra bati madia” (finger millets) and the traditional tribal methods employed in its cultivation. She will also emphasize the role played by the Odisha Millet Mission in introducing improved technology and scientific farming methods.

Subasa Mohanta is a farmer from Matiagarh village in Mayurbhanj district. She will share her experiences of growing millets and the challenges she has faced. She will also talk about the importance of millets for the health and well-being of tribal communities.

The participation of these two women at the G20 Summit is a significant opportunity to promote millets and sustainable agriculture on the global stage. It is also a testament to the success of the Odisha Millet Mission, which has helped to revive the cultivation of millets in the state.

The G20 Summit will be held on September 9-10 in Delhi. The millet exhibition will be held at Bharat Mandapam, where there will also be millet startups, millet rangoli art, and live cooking demonstrations. The spouses of G20 leaders will be treated to a curated tour of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) campus on September 9th.

This is a great opportunity to showcase the nutritional benefits of millets and the importance of sustainable agriculture. It is also a chance to highlight the success of the Odisha Millet Mission and the efforts of tribal communities to preserve millet cultivation.

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