Political Shift: Sura Routray’s Son Manmath Routray Chooses Not to Run on Congress Ticket

Bhubaneswar: Suresh Routray, a prominent Congress leader with six-time MLA, had surprised many earlier this year when he announced his retirement from electoral politics. At the same time, he revealed that his son, Manmath Routray, would be the candidate for the Jatni area in the upcoming elections.

However, in a recent unexpected turn of events, Manmath Routray declared that he would not be running on the Congress ticket. This decision appears to have come after consultations with his supporters and the residents of Jatni.

In an interview, Manmath explained his rationale: “Over the past four years, I have actively engaged in grassroots work under my father’s guidance. Significant developmental projects have been initiated, but much more remains to be accomplished. My approach has always been centred on connecting with the public and working collaboratively to uphold my father’s legacy.”

According to Manmath, he reached this decision after consulting various groups, including college students and women. They expressed their desire for him to contest the upcoming elections, but not as a Congress candidate. Instead, they prefer him to run under a party that can deliver results promptly and aligns with a strong ideology.

Manmath further shared, “I’ve been contemplating this decision for the past year, taking into account the dedication of my father, who has been a lifelong supporter of the Congress. After extensive consultations, I have chosen not to run on the Congress ticket. I will soon announce the party from which I will be contesting in the upcoming elections.”

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