Orissa High Court Issues Stay Order on Sand Mining Again

Cuttack: The Orissa High Court has once again imposed a stay order on sand mining activities, overturning a recent notification by the Odisha government permitting the same.

This decision comes in response to a petition filed in the Orissa High Court highlighting the adverse effects of illegal sand mining in Cuttack. The petition argued that such activities contribute to increased accidents, dust pollution, and traffic congestion in the city, particularly due to the movement of heavy trucks.

Previously, on December 21 of the previous year, the Orissa High Court had issued a stay order on sand mining. However, on the same day, the Odisha Mines Department issued a new notification, allowing sand mining under specific circumstances. In the latest development, the Orissa High Court has once again intervened, issuing a stay order specifically on the state government’s notification regarding mechanized sand mining.

Advocate Sukant Kumar Dalei shared insights on the situation, stating, “When the initial hearing took place, the state government promptly issued a fresh notification on sand mining. However, today the High Court has again issued a stay order, encompassing the recent notification as well. The next hearing is scheduled for February 2024. In the interim, the court has halted mechanized mining and sand lifting activities.”

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