Centre Appoints 2 New Judges to Orissa High Court

Cuttack: The Centre has announced the appointment of two judges to the Orissa High Court, just three weeks after receiving recommendations from the Supreme Court collegium led by CJI D.Y. Chandrachud on August 17.

The newly appointed judges are advocate Sibo Sankar Mishra and judicial officer Ananda Chandra Behera. They will officially assume their roles as judges in the Orissa High Court.

The appointment comes in accordance with Article 217(1) of the Indian Constitution, with the President exercising the authority to appoint judges. Mishra and Behera have been appointed in order of seniority.

The process began when the Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court, in consultation with the two senior-most colleagues, recommended these two names on January 17, 2023. Subsequently, the Supreme Court Collegium reviewed and endorsed their appointment.

Advocate Sibo Sankar Mishra brings a wealth of legal experience to his new role, with 30 years of practice in civil, criminal, and service law. Notably, he serves as an Advocate-on-record for the State of Odisha in the Supreme Court and represents the Union of India and the High Court of Orissa in the same jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court Collegium, after considering inputs from the government, found Mishra to have an impeccable personal and professional reputation, with no adverse information regarding his integrity.

Similarly, Ananda Chandra Behera, a seasoned judicial officer with diverse experience in various capacities within Odisha, has been appointed as a judge. The government’s inputs in Behera’s case also highlighted his commendable personal and professional character, with no integrity-related concerns.

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