Puri Gears Up for Snana Jatra: Traffic Advisory & Security Arrangements Announced

Puri: The Snana Jatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings is fast approaching in Puri, and the Puri Police has taken measures to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and convenience for all devotees. In this regard, they have issued a set of guidelines to provide necessary assistance and facilitate efficient traffic movement during the festival.

Here are the key points from the traffic advisory:

  1. Regular passenger buses from Bhubaneswar Konark side will face no restrictions when entering the regular Municipality bus stand. Buses arriving from Bhubaneswar and other areas will be redirected accordingly.
  2. Puri Town shuttle buses and auto rickshaws will be permitted up to Majana Jaga on Badadanda.
  3. Two-wheelers can park on Badadanda, from Market Square to Nayak Plaza, on a first-come, first-serve basis. They will be redirected as needed.
  4. LMVs/Cars/SUVs will have parking facilities available at Jagannath Ballav, Bagala Dharmasala parking, Saradhabali, Blue flag beach, and Hotel Nilachal Ashok. They will be redirected based on parking availability.
  5. Traffic regulations will be implemented from 12:00 hrs on June 3 until the end of Snana Purnima on June 4, following the traffic mobility plan. Restrictions may be relaxed depending on traffic conditions.
  6. To ensure a smooth darshan (sight) of the deities, a no-vehicle zone will be enforced from Market Chakka to Jaga Balia lodge.
  7. For any assistance, the Puri Police helpline number, 6370967100, is available 24/7.

In anticipation of the Snana Jatra, the holy city of Puri will be fortified. The state government plans to deploy 60 platoons of police force and 550 home guards to ensure a successful festival, according to Inspector General of Police (IGP), Central Range, Ashish Kumar Singh.

Furthermore, three commandants, 100 supervisory officers, and 300 Sub-Inspectors/Assistant Sub-Inspectors will be deployed to effectively implement and execute the security arrangements in the city.

To enhance the convenience of devotees, the district administration has installed barricades and sheds along the Grand Road in Puri.

With the Snanapurnima festival and Hati Besa ritual of Lord Jagannath taking place on June 4, it is expected that a large number of devotees will visit the Holy City. The state government and district administration are working together to ensure a smooth and orderly festival. Sufficient security personnel will be deployed to maintain law and order and manage traffic in Puri. To avoid overcrowding near the temple, the shops along the Grand Road, from the Market Square to the palace of Gajapati King, will remain closed from June 3 to 5.

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