Ratha Yatra: Nabami Sandhya Darshan Restricted After 5pm

Puri: The Nabami Sandhya Darshan of the deities on the Adapa Mandap at Gundicha temple will be restricted from 5 pm on June 27.

During the Nabami Sandhya Darshan, devotees will have the last chance of offering prayers to the deities on the Adapa Mandap as the sibling deities will return to their abode the next day.

During the return journey of the deities on Thursday, the chariots of the Holy Trinity will stop for a brief while at the Mausima Temple, also known as Ardhasani Temple which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath’s aunt. At this temple, the three deities are offered ‘Poda Pitha’, a special sweet made of rice, coconut, lentils, and jaggery. Following this, the deities start their journey to the Shree Jagannath Temple. The chariots of Subhadra and Balabhadra move forward and are parked in front of Lion’s gate (Singha Dwara) of the temple whereas the chariot of Lord Jagannath stops in front of the Gajapati King’s palace for another event known as ‘Laxmi Narayana Bheta’.

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