Here’s are New Updates of WhatsApp; Check Details

WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging apps, is well known for its continuous addition of features to the social media platform. This includes changes to the chat dynamics, new emoticons, and other features as well as privacy additions. Here are some upcoming features of WhatsApp:

Clickable links on WhatsApp Status: The WhatsApp status is going to add a new feature of adding clickable links to it. It will enable the usage of clickable hyperlinking URLs on the caption in the status updates.

Screenshot blocking: The app is working on a feature to block the ability to take screenshots and it is in beta right now. The feature will be available to all stable users soon.

New Business tool tab for WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Business users will soon get a new tab on the main page of the app. Replacing the camera tab on the extreme left, the Business Tool Tab will be a central hub for business users where they will be able to easily access Business Tools without going through the in-app settings.

WhatsApp Premium for Business: WhatsApp is working on a WhatsApp Premium subscription model for WhatsApp Business users. This feature would offer extra benefits to business users for as long as they pay for the service. These include custom business links and the ability to link more than four devices together on a single account.

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