Instagram, Facebook begin selling blue ticks

After Twitter, Meta is now offering blue ticks for sale on Instagram and Facebook. This means that the social media giant will now allow anyone to have a blue tick on their profile if they are willing to pay a price.

Meta has rolled out services for users in the US. Previously, Twitter made the blue tick, which was only reserved for notable figures, sellable. Instagram’s policy earlier allowed people working in media organisations, influencers, celebrities and politicians to have a blue tick beside their name.

Meta has currently rolled out the services in the US after piloting the feature. The service costs $11.99 per month ion Rs 989 per month if you sign up on the web or $14.99 or Rs 1237 through a mobile app store.

If you sign up on the web, you will only receive the blue checkmark on Facebook, while the mobile app store option includes the blue checkmark for both Facebook and Instagram. The blue checkmark is a verification badge that indicates that the account is authentic and belongs to a public figure, celebrity, or brand.

In addition to the badge, the service also provides “proactive impersonation protection,” which helps prevent others from pretending to be you online. It also offers direct access to customer support, exclusive stickers, and 100 “Stars” per month on Facebook. Stars are a way for users to support creators by purchasing and sending virtual gifts during live streams.

The service is targeted towards creators who want to establish their authenticity on social media, protect their accounts from impersonation, and gain access to additional features and support.

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