1.97 Quintal Ganja Seized in Gajapti Dist, Three Arrested

Paralakhemundi: Personnel of the Mohana police station in  Gajapati district of Odisha seized around 1.97 quintals of ganja while it was being transported to Berhampur on Wednesday. Three persons involved in this illegal transportation of narcotics were arrested by the cops.

The arrested persons were identified as Ramakrishna Sahu, Sushant Sahu and Satish Jani. They were transporting the contraband from the Mohana area to Berhampur in Ganjam district.

The estimated value of seized cannabis is said to be at least 10 lakh.

Illegal ganja cultivation continues in the extremely remote areas of Mohana, R Udaygiri and Adaba regions in the Gajapati district.

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