8 Lok Sabha Staffs Suspended Over Major Security Breach

New Delhi: Eight personnel posted at the Lok Sabha secretariat were suspended on Thursday (Dec 14) following the major security breach on the 22nd anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament when two intruders jumped from the visitor’s gallery in the Lok Sabha.

Rampal, Arvind, Vir Das, Ganesh, Anil, Pradeep, Vimitt and Narendra were among the eight suspended personnel.

The two intruders jumped into the Lok Sabha chambers on Wednesday and set off two canisters emitting yellow smoke. One of them jumped over tables to run towards the Speaker’s chair.

Outside the parliament, two others burst similar red and yellow coloured smoke bombs and shouted slogans. All four were arrested and identified as Sagar Sharma, D Manoranjan, Neelam Azad and Amol Shinde. Two others were also with these four. They were Lalit Jha, who allegedly shot videos of Neelam and Shinde outside Parliament and then escaped with their cellphones and Vicky Sharma, in whose Gurugram house, all accused stayed.

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