Alert Loco Pilot Averts Memu Train Accident in Balasore

Balasore: A major train accident involving a technical glitch related to a railway track was averted in the Balasore district because of the alertness of the loco pilot. The passengers of the Bhadrak-Balasore Memu train had a narrow escape from a possible accident near Nilgiri Road station at Barun Singh Chhak.

According to sources, the alert loco pilot applied the brake to stop the train at the right time as it entered the loop line by mistake.

According to reports, while approaching the Nilgiri Road station on Tuesday afternoon the Memu train entered a loop line because of some technical glitches on the track.

Realizing the error, the loco pilot of the train braked the train and informed the signal outpost. The track error was immediately resolved. The Memu train was taken back from the loop line to resume its journey on the main track.

Once the train reached Balasore, passengers showered praises on the loco pilot for his presence of mind that saved many lives.

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