Behold, ‘Balak Ram’: Ayodhya’s Majestic New Idol Receives an Apt Moniker

Ayodhya: The newly consecrated idol of Lord Ram in Ayodhya’s grand Ram Temple has received an apt name – “Balak Ram,” signifying the deity’s depiction as a five-year-old boy. This revelation came directly from Pandit Arun Dixit, a priest deeply involved in the “Pran Pratishtha” ceremony.

Dixit described his first encounter with the idol: “The moment I saw Balak Ram, tears welled up in my eyes. Words cannot express the emotions that flowed through me.” Having performed nearly 50-60 consecrations, Dixit called the Ayodhya ceremony the “most divine and supreme” experience of his life. “This ‘Pran Pratishtha’ stands out as truly ‘alaukik’ (divine) and ‘sarvoch’ (supreme) for me,” he exclaimed.

The 51-inch Balak Ram idol, sculpted by renowned artist Arun Yogiraj from Karnataka, was glimpsed by Dixit for the first time on January 18th. Witnessing its grandeur, he knew it deserved a name reflecting its youthful charm and divine presence.

On January 22nd, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the sacred “Pran Pratishtha” rituals within the sanctum sanctorum of the newly-built temple. Performing the consecration within the auspicious 84-second “muhurta,” he was accompanied by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat in the preliminary rites.

Over 7,000 distinguished guests, including celebrities, sportspersons, and prominent figures from business and industry, graced the momentous occasion, making it a truly historic and star-studded affair.

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