Beef Stuffing in Samosas, Vadodara Eatery Owners Arrested by Gujarat Police

Vadodara: Gujarat police arrested the owners of an eatery in Gujarat’s Vadodara on Monday as they were found to be selling samosas containing beef stuffing.

The police raids on the Hussaini Samosa Centre in the Panigate area of Vadodara led to the seizure of 113 kg of meat, 61 kg of prepared samosas, and 152 kg of samosa material. Later forensic tests confirmed that the seized meat was beef.

The police have arrested the owners of the eatery, Yusuf Sheikh and Naeem Sheikh along with their four employees.

During interrogation, the owners revealed the name of one Imran Qureshi as their beef supplier. Police have also arrested Qureshi.

The arrested persons will be prosecuted as per the amended Gujarat Animal Preservation Act in 2017. The amended act involves a provision for a life term along with a penalty of Rs 1-5 lakh for cow slaughter.

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