Chitalagi Amavasya: Darshan of Deities to Stop for 4 Hrs in Puri Srimandir

Puri: Because of the special rituals for the Chitalagi Amavasya, devotees will not have darshan of the deities at the Puri Shree Jagannath Temple for four hours from 2 pm to 4 pm on Monday.

Through a notification, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has informed that the Chitalagi niti (rituals) of Shri Vigrahas will be performed in the temple on the occasion of Sravana-Krishna Amavasya.

This is an annual ritual. On this day through special rituals, the deities are worshipped for the prosperity and well-being of the world. Except for the designated servitors, no one is allowed into the garbhagriha during the Chitalagi rituals.

In order to ensure that the rituals are performed unhindered and amid a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, devotees will not be allowed to go inside the temple to have darshan of sibling deities for four hours today.

The SJTA announced that the temple will remain closed for devotees after the completion of the Bhogamandap offering. Devotees will gain allowed to have darshan of deities from 6.00 pm on Monday.

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