Delhi’s Alarming Air Pollution: Doctors Advise Sonia Gandhi to Shift to Jaipur

New Delhi: Because of the alarming air pollution in Delhi, doctors advised former Congress president Sonia Gandhi to shift out of Delhi till air quality becomes better in the capital city.

Sonia Gandhi suffers from respiratory problems. So, the doctors advised her to move to a place where air quality is better. According to reports, she is shifting to Jaipur temporarily till the air quality improves in Delhi.

The Air Quality Index for Delhi on Tuesday was 375, which is in the ‘severe’ category, while the figure for Jaipuri was 72. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is busy in election campaigns in various states, will visit Sonia Gandhi in Jaipur on Tuesday night before heading to Chhattisgarh on Wednesday.

In 2020 winter, Sonia Gandhi had to move to Goa to avoid the pollution in Delhi, on the advice of her doctors.

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