Entry Of Non-Hindus Into Puri Jagannath Temple to be Prevented by Pratihari Sevayats

Puri: Pratihari sevayats of Sri Jagannath temple in Puri will take up the charge to prevent entry of non-Hindus into the temple from Maha Bishuba Sankranti on April 14.

According to reports, Pratihari servitors of the temple will keep watch on the devotees entering the temple through the Singhadwar (Lions Gate) of the temple to curb entry non-Hindus entry into the shrine.

These sevayats will help in identifying the non-Hindus trying to enter the 12th-century shrine.

From Sunday, the day of Pana Sankranti, Pratihari sevayats will be deployed at the Singhadwar at the time of opening of the temple in the early morning and during the Sandhya Arati in the evening.

Later on, Pratihari sevayats would be deployed at the gate for the whole day, informed Ram Narayan Gocchikar, Secretary of the Pratihari Nijog.

In earlier times, Pratihari sevayats were entrusted with the duty of protecting the deities and the temple.

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