Israeli Minister Floats Nuclear Option for Gaza, Netanyahu Responds

Jerusalem: Israeli Minister of Heritage, Amichai Eliyahu, made certain controversial statements regarding the ongoing conflict with the Hamas group. He suggested that using a nuclear bomb on Gaza could be “one of the possible options” for Israel.

These remarks were strongly criticized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who emphasized that such actions were not rooted in reality and reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to international law standards.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid also called for Eliyahu’s removal from office, condemning the minister’s statements as irresponsible. Additionally, Eliyahu referred to Gaza residents as “Nazis” and expressed objections to humanitarian aid for the region, arguing that there are no unassociated civilians in Gaza.

Eliyahu advocated for retaking Gaza and restoring settlements there, suggesting that if Gaza were to come under Israeli control, the “monsters in Gaza” should find their own solution.

Despite Eliyahu’s subsequent clarification that his comments were metaphorical, Prime Minister Netanyahu suspended the minister indefinitely from cabinet meetings. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza due to ongoing Israeli airstrikes and Hamas attacks continues, with a significant number of casualties on both sides. Efforts for a ceasefire have been met with resistance from the Israeli government.

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