Pakistani Seema Haider Gets Pregnant by Her Indian Partner

New Delhi: Seema Haider, the Pakistani mother of four children, who illegally entered India to live with Sachin, a Hindu man from Uttar Pradesh, is pregnant again.

The cross-border couple, who live in Greater Noida, are expecting their first child.  Seema has announced that she is pregnant with Sachin’s baby. According to her, she is soon going to be a mother and that 2024 will bring good news for them.

Asked about the date of “good news”, Seema said, “It’s impossible before Holi but the good news will come soon.”

Sachin’s father, a palmist, had a look at Seema’s palm and predicted it would be a baby boy, reported News 18.

Seema and Sachin got in touch while playing PUBG in 2019. Seema, 30, and Sachin, 22, live in Greater Noida, where he runs a small shop.

Seema has four children from her Pakistani husband. All these children are below seven years old. She was arrested on July 4 for illegally entering India with her children without a visa via Nepal. Sachin was also arrested for sheltering the illegal immigrants.

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