Posters Targeting Nitish Kumar Appear in Bengaluru Ahead of Opposition Meet

Bengaluru: Posters and billboards targeting Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar appeared at strategic locations in Bengaluru ahead of the Opposition parties meeting on Tuesday.

These posters also came up at ‘Chalukya Circle’, just a stone’s throw from the venue of the Opposition meeting being attended by Nitish Kumar.

In these posters, Nitish Kumar was blamed for the Sultanganj bridge collapse in Bihar.

A poster read: “Welcome to Shri Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Government of Bihar. Sultanganj Bridge, Nitish Kumar’s gift to Bihar that keeps collapsing. While bridges in Bihar cannot withstand his reign, count on him to lead the ‘Opposition Party’ campaign.”

The writing on another poster was, “The unstable Prime Ministerial contender. Bangalore rolls out the Red Carpet for Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. First date of Sultanganj bridge collapse – April 2022. Second date of Sultanganj bridge collapse – June 2023.”

Police have started an investigation to track down the persons who put up these posters.

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