Puri to Have Odisha’s 1st Trumpet Bridge, Shree Setu

Puri: Along with the much-awaited Srimandir Parikrama Project, Odisha’s first trumpet bridge, Shree Setu will also be inaugurated in Puri.

This 1.5-kilometre ‘Shree Setu’ trumpet bridge will enable vehicles coming from Bhubaneswar and Brahmagiri to directly reach a multi-level parking spot at Jagannath Ballav. Because of this bridge pilgrims will be able to reach Sri Jagannath temple without entering the city. This will reduce their travel time to the temple by up to an hour.

Shree Setu is a 60-metre-wide bow-shaped bridge with four lanes of roads built at a cost of Rs 161 crore. The first bridge is over the Mangalahat-Birharekrishnapur bypass while another is over the Mangalahat-Devighat road. While one bridge will be used to make entry, the other one will be used to exit the town.

Now the redeveloped Jagannath Ballav parking space has the facility for 1600 vehicles. Visitors coming to Srimandir will park here and move to Srimandir from there.

A beautiful gate is on Shree Seetu welcomes devotees to Puri. A viewing tower is also being constructed to provide tourists a bird’s eye view of the entire holy city.

Trumpet bridge or interchanges are used where one highway terminates at another highway, and are named as such for to their resemblance to trumpets.

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