Superstitious Assailants Hack Couple to Death in Gajapati Alleging Them to be Sorcery Practitioners

Paralakhemundi: A group of superstitious assailants hacked a couple to death alleging them to be sorcery practitioners in Ghodapanka village under Adaba police station limits in the Gajapati district of Odisha on Monday night.

The deceased were identified as Kapilendra Mallik and his wife Sasita of Ghodapanka village. According to sources, a group of superstitious villagers used to allege that the couple was involved in black magic which was causing deaths in the area.

According to locals, in the past, Kapilendra had faced a similar murderous attack in February this year. While he was riding a bike, he was shot from behind. But he could survive the attack.

On Monday evening, the superstitious group barged into Kapilendra’s home with sharp weapons in hand. They hacked Kqapilendra and his wife.

Kapilendra died on the spot. His wife managed to escape from the spot in injured condition, while the armed group chased him. Later she was found dead on a hilltop.

On being informed about the incident, Adaba police reached the village, seized the dead bodies, and started an investigation.

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