This Gold Coated Sweet Costs Rs 1400 Per Piece & Rs 21000/Kg

Ahmedabad: This Diwali, an expensive sweet named ‘Swarna Mudra’ is being sold in Ahmedabad. The speciality of this golden sweet is that it has a 24-carat gold outer covering.

Ahmedabad’s Gwalia SBR outlet is selling this unique sweet ahead of Diwali.

But the price of this sweet is out of reach of most Indians. It is being sold at an exorbitant price of Rs 21,000 per kg. One kilogram of Swarna Mudra sweet has 15 pieces. Its single pieces are sold for Rs 1,400.

Swarna Mudra sweets are a novelty this Diwali and they are made up of ingredients, like almond, blueberry, pistachio and cranberry.

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