US Prez Biden Terms Chinese President Jinping “Dictator” after US-China Summit Meet

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday termed the Chinese President Xi Jinping as a ‘dictator’ after the end of his meeting with Jinping

When he was asked whether he still considers Xi a ‘dictator’, Biden replied, “Well, look, he is.”

“He is a dictator in the sense that he is a guy who runs a country that is communist,” Biden said. He also added that the Chinese government is totally different than that of the US.

Meanwhile, the US-China Summit meeting concluded in California. Both leaders agreed to work towards ensuring that the differences between the two countries remain manageable and the relations do not derail.

During the summit meeting, they discussed varied issues including relations, issues related to Iran, the Middle East, Ukraine, Taiwan, the Indo-Pacific, economic issues, artificial intelligence, drugs, and climate change.

The two leaders agreed to ‘pick each other’s calls’.

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