Watch: South Korean Plane with 194 Persons On Board Flies with Open Door


All persons on board a South Korean flight had a miraculous escape from a midair mishap on Friday. A passenger opened the door of this Asiana Airlines flight while it was in midair. Luckily the plane later landed safely at a South Korean airport Friday.

Some people on board tried to stop the person from opening the door but it was eventually opened partially, said the Transport Ministry of South Korea.

The incident terrified some passengers but no one was injured, though some passengers were assessed at a hospital, Asiana and Transport Ministry officials said.

This plane with 194 people was on its way to the southeastern city of Daegu from the southern island of Jeju. Police detained the unidentified person who opened the door, the airline said. His motive wasn’t immediately known.

The passengers included teenage athletes on their way to attend track and field competitions in Ulsan.

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