Dynamic Fare of Suvidha Trains Higher than Air Tickets

New Delhi: The current dynamic fare structure for the premium Suvidha trains from Mumbai to Patna is more than the rate of tickets for air travel.

The price of an air ticket on a budget carrier from Mumbai to Patna is around Rs 7,000. But a Suvidha ticket for November 24 costs Rs 9,395.

Dynamic fares also apply to the Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duranto trains, with the Suvidha shifting to that structure.

The surge in the pricing of Suvidha tickets occurred as a large number of people were trying to catch the train to travel home for Chhath Puja.

“Rs 9300 for 2AC travel from CST Mumbai to Patna Junction. The Rs 5900 dynamic charges are so candid. Cost of SL Class Rs 2625…. Is this like, really a pro-people government?” a post on X said.

The base fare for the Mumbai-Patna Suvidha 2AC ticket is Rs 2,950 and the dynamic charges are Rs 5,900. With taxes and other charges, the total price comes to Rs 9,395 for a ride on November 24.

Last-minute booking on a budget airline would cost about Rs 18,000 on the Mumbai-Patna route. However, booked now for November 24, it would cost around Rs 7,000.

The Suvidha’s fare structure, introduced in 2015, is dynamic, meaning the ticket prices vary based on the booking rate and seat availability. It has five slabs, each accounting for 20 per cent of the total seats.

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