Beware of WhatsApp Calls from +92 Numbers, May Get Conned

New Delhi: Fraudsters are calling people on WhatsApp and tricking them into giving money and banking details. Most of these calls are being made from phone numbers starting with the +92 country code. The call receivers are lured to fall into the trap through offers of free iPhones and other Apple products.

As per a report in the TOI, recently a man from Ahmedabad has lost Rs 7 lakh in such a scam that promised to deliver a free iPhone 14 from Dubai. The scammers managed to fraudulently debit the amount from his account in a few days, while he waited for the iPhone to arrive.

The +92 country code is for Pakistan, but the callers are not from Pakistan. Fraudsters use a virtual number with +92 to commit fraud. In most cases, they claim to be calling from some renowned shop in Dubai to lure the gullible. C

Creating virtual phone numbers, including those starting with the country code “92” or any other code, is not inherently illegal or fraudulent. Now fraudsters are using virtual phone numbers for fraudulent activities.

To remain safe from phone scams involving virtual numbers:

  1. Be cautious about sharing personal information over the phone, to unknown persons.
  2. Verify the identity of the caller independently.
  3. Avoid engaging with suspicious calls or messages, and block or report them immediately.
  4. Register your phone number with the national “Do Not Call” registry to get rid of spam callers.
  5. Use caller ID apps or services like Truecaller that can help identify and block potential scam calls.”
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