Hold Off Movie Reviews for 48 Hrs to Check Intentional Biased “Review Bombing”: Kerala HC

Thiruvananthapuram: In an attempt to put a check on the influence of intentionally biased reviews and prevent the vagaries of “review bombing” on social media, an amicus curiae appointed by the Kerala High Court recommended that films should not be subject to reviews within the first 48 hours of their release.

According to the report submitted by Shyam Padman, this move aims to allow viewers the opportunity to form their own unbiased opinions without being swayed by premature critiques, some of which may be driven by ulterior motives. Usually intentional, biased negative reviews, fueled by personal agendas or financial incentives, impact a film’s box office performance.

Padman’s report also proposes the establishment of a dedicated portal within cyber cells to address complaints related to review bombings, offering a formal channel for aggrieved parties to seek recourse.

The Kerala High Court also emphasized the importance of maintaining legal and ethical standards in movie reviews. Justice Devan Ramachandran underscored the need to convey the central government’s stance on the matter.

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