KGF Fame Yash is Co-Producing Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana

Mumbai: KGF actor Yash’s Monster Mind Creations and Namit Malhotra’s Prime Focus Studios have joined hands with Nitesh Tiwari to coproduce Ramayana.

Recently Yash spoke to Variety to reveal why he wanted to co-produce the project. The actor said that he wanted to co-produce the project as the subject deeply resonates with him.

Yash said, “We believe we know Ramayana well, yet each time it unveils fresh wisdom, ignites new knowledge and offers unique perspectives. Our vision is to translate this timeless epic onto the silver screen. It will be a grand spectacle, honoring its scale, but at its core, it will be an honest and faithful portrayal of the story, emotions and values we hold dear. This is a journey to share Ramayana with the world.” he said.

Yash also told Variety that it has been a long-term goal of his to back films that will ‘showcase Indian cinema on a global level’. While he was in LA, he met Namit, found someone who thinks alike and was already working on Ramayana.

“Ramayana as a subject, deeply resonates with me and I had an approach in my mind for it. By joining forces to co-produce Ramayana we are bringing together our collective vision and experience to create an Indian film that will ignite excitement and passion in audiences across the world,” Yash said.

It is reported that Yash will take up the role of Ravana in Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana.

The film’s team is expected to make an official announcement regarding its production and actors on April 17, Ram Navami.

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