KGF Fame Yash’s Next Movie is ‘Toxic’

Mumbai: The KGF star Yash will be next seen in Toxic, to be directed by Geetu Mohandas.

A title-reveal video of the upcoming movie was shared jointly by Yash and the production house, KVN Productions, on social media.

The video shows graphically generated flames, a burning ticket, a picture of a clown, a man smoking a cigar and other intriguing motifs on the screen. The sequence concludes with the silhouette of a man along with the title ‘Toxic: A Fairy Tale For Grown-Ups’.

The release date has also been disclosed at the end of the video as April 10, 2025.

Geetu Mohandas, best known for her work in Malayalam cinema will direct the movie. Mohandas’ acclaimed movies include ‘Liar’s Dice’ and ‘The Elder One’. ‘Liar’s Dice’ won six major international awards. It also got two National Awards in India. ‘The Elder One’ won Geetu Mohandas the Global Filmmaker Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016.

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