Sunny Deol Shuts Down Speculations, Reveals Viral ‘Drunk’ Video Was from Film Shoot

Mumbai: Sunny Deol has addressed recent viral footage showing him seemingly drunk on the streets, clarifying that it was part of a scene from his upcoming movie, “Safar.” The actor, also a BJP MP, faced criticism on social media for the perceived public misbehaviour. However, he took to the platform on Wednesday to share an alternate angle of the video, revealing the presence of film cameras in the frame.

Putting an end to rumours, Deol captioned the 17-second clip with, “Afwaahon ka ‘Safar’ bas yahin tak (The ‘Safar (journey)’ of rumors ends here) #Shooting #BTS.”

Vishal Rana of Echelon Productions, the production company behind “Safar,” further clarified the situation, stating that the video captured a scene from their upcoming film during a night schedule. Rana urged fans not to spread fake news surrounding the viral footage.

Addressing concerns and setting the record straight, the statement from Rana emphasized the context of the video, emphasizing that it was part of the film’s production.

Sunny Deol’s latest appearance was in “Gadar 2,” a highly successful Hindi film. The clarification comes as a relief for fans and admirers, highlighting the importance of verifying information before drawing conclusions.

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