95-Yr-Old UK Man Completes MA, Wants to Do PhD

A 95-year-old retired psychiatrist Dr. David Marjot from Weybridge, Surrey in Britain became the oldest graduate from Kingston University. He completed his MA and broke the record set in 1994 by a 93-year-old.

Dr Marjot finished his most recent course 72 years after receiving his medical license. He is now planning for a part-time PhD, which could take him until he is 102 to complete.

Dr. Marjot told the BBC, “It is a bit of a gamble, but the main thing is if you’re interested then go for it. I was lucky to have world-class teachers and it was a very positive experience. I think it is important to always keep challenging yourself even as you get older.”

Dr. Marjot stated that the MA course had been crucial in keeping his mind active after his wife passed away after 65 years of marriage.

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