Gaza On Brink Of ‘Humanitarian Catastrophe’ As Fuel Shortage Looms

Gaza: Gaza’s sole power plant is facing an imminent fuel shortage after Israel cut off supplies in retaliation to recent attacks by Hamas, the group in control of Gaza. The Palestinian Energy Authority Chairman, Thafer Melhem, warned that the power plant would shut down, leaving around 2.3 million people in Gaza without electricity, creating a humanitarian crisis.

Gaza’s authorities have called Israel’s actions the “dirtiest crime of collective punishment against defenceless civilians in modern history” and urged the international community to intervene to stop this “crime against humanity.”

In addition to the power crisis, Gaza’s hospitals are also facing a fuel shortage, which will worsen the already dire conditions. Gaza’s crossings are closed, making it impossible to bring in fuel or supplies.

Israel initiated a “total siege” in response to a mass infiltration by Hamas fighters into southern Israel. This blockade, which began in 2007, includes cutting off electricity, food, fuel, and water, impacting the daily lives of Gaza’s residents.

Hussein al-Sheikh of the Palestine Liberation Organization called on the international community to urgently intervene to stop the aggression, allow the entry of relief materials, and restore essential services, as Gaza is on the brink of a major humanitarian catastrophe.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees has less than two weeks’ worth of food and water supplies for over 180,000 people seeking refuge in its schools in Gaza. Roads are blocked, communication is disrupted, and staff members are working tirelessly to provide assistance in this unprecedented and challenging situation.

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