Man Sets Café on Fire in Indore After Seeing Girls Smoking Inside

Indore: A 70-year-old man set a café in Indore ablaze, reportedly in anger over the sight of girls smoking inside. The incident occurred during the closed hours of the café, and the suspect was taken into custody after being identified through CCTV footage.

According to Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Dandotia, the accused is a retired Department of Telecommunications employee who expressed his displeasure at girls smoking in the café as the motive for his actions during initial questioning. However, the police noted that the accused has been providing inconsistent statements, and the exact reason behind the arson can only be established after a thorough investigation.

Despite the café being empty when the fire was ignited, it suffered extensive damage, resulting in a loss of approximately Rs 4 lakh for the owner. Dandotia disclosed that a case has been registered against the suspect under Indian Penal Code (IPC) section 436, which pertains to “mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to destroy a house, etc.”

The café owner informed the police that the accused had been observed lurking around the establishment for several days prior to the incident.

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