Japanese Village Celebrates Birth of 1st Child in 20 Yrs

Japan is suffering from a negative growth rate of population as the new generation is not ready to have children. At this juncture a boy named Kuranosuke Kato was born in a small Japanese village named Ichinono, north of Osaka.

This one-year-old is the first child born in two decades at the village. According to reports, the whole village is celebrating the birth of this boy. Villagers are writing poems about him, reported Financial Times.

This child is the centre of attraction at this village with just 53 residents. He is the first child born in Ichinono in more than two decades. The residents have put up life-size dolls in the village playground for this child.

The boy’s parents – Toshiki and Rie – are now planning for a brother or sister to keep their son company. They left the city a few years ago to live in the village. They are now worried that their first child may not get a friend of his age.

In 2022, less than 800,000 babies were born in Japan and the indigenous population shrank by over half a million.

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