Norwegian MP Nominates Elon Musk for Nobel Peace Prize

Norwegian libertarian MP Marius Nilsen has nominated Elon Musk for the Nobel Peace Prize. Nilsen said that he nominated Tesla and X boss for his “adamant defense of dialogue, free speech and [enabling] the possibility to express one’s views’ in a continuously more polarized world.”

Elon Musk’s companies have helped “make the world a more connected and safer place,” the Norwegian MP said.

Sofie Marhaug, another Norwegian MP, nominated Julian Assange saying that he “has exposed Western war crimes and thus contributed to peace. If we want to avoid war, we must know the truth about the damage that war brings. Assange has exposed torture and inhuman behaviour towards prisoners of war. He deserves the Peace Prize.”

A US Congresswoman Claudia Tenney nominated Donald Trump fro Nobel Peace Prize in January 2014. Trump has been nominated in previous years as well.

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