Saudi Arabia Warns Pakistan Against Sending Beggars, Pickpockets on Hajj Visas

Pakistan is facing a concerning trend of exporting beggars to West Asian countries, with Saudi Arabia and Iraq urging the Pakistani government to address the issue. This issue has reached such proportions that it is now drawing international attention.

Ninety percent of beggars detained in West Asian countries are reported to be of Pakistani origin, causing overcrowding in Saudi Arabian and Iraqi jails. Pakistani beggars often enter these countries under the guise of pilgrimage on Umrah visas and then engage in begging.

Additionally, a significant number of pickpockets apprehended within Mecca’s Grand Mosque are found to be Pakistani nationals, further highlighting the issue.

The surge in beggars leaving Pakistan for West Asian nations coincides with a record inflation rate and increased suffering among the country’s poor due to rising food and fuel prices. Poverty in Pakistan reached 39.4 percent, with 12.5 million more people falling into poverty during the last fiscal year.

The World Bank has urged Pakistan to take urgent economic measures, including taxing agriculture and real estate sectors, to achieve economic stability. The country’s economy has been struggling, and addressing the beggar export issue is now a pressing concern on the global stage.

On another note, Pakistan has witnessed a growth in its donkey population, primarily due to demand from China. The country’s donkey population increased from 5.7 million to 5.8 million in the past year, driven by export demands.

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