Know the rituals and Significance of Kartik Month


New Delhi: As we are all aware that Kartik Month has already started on October 10. This month is considered to be the most religious and sacred. People worship Lord Vishnu during this month. This month is the eighth month as per the Hindu calendar. This month is going to end on 8th November.

Kartika Maas is the fourth month of Chaturmaas. People do many religious and spiritual activities this month. It is believed that this is the favorite month of Lord Vishnu. Kartik month is also called ‘Damodara Month.’ It is called so because Damodar is another name for Lord Vishnu.

This month is really good for people who are on a Spiritual path. The vibration during this month is high and positive vibes are in the air. If someone wants to activate their Chakras, meditating during this period is auspicious.

Religious activities to please Lord Vishnu during the month of Kartik:

  • People get up early in the morning in Brahm Muhurat (3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.), take a holy bath and light diya at home, and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu.
  • People must offer arghya (water) to Lord Surya (Sun) in the morning.
  • After completing Puja at home, one must visit the temple where the Kartik maas Kath is recited. It is considered auspicious to visit holy places and take a holy dip in Ganga and other sacred rivers.
  • Chant the holy names of Lord Vishnu (Vishnu Sahasranaam) or chant Damodarastakam.
  • Reading the Holy Scriptures of Lord Vishnu in this month is meritorious. The main Holy scripture one should recite is ‘Bhagavad Geeta’ and Kartik Mahatam.
  • Performing charity this month is considered auspicious so people should donate food and clothes and other useful items to the needy and poor people.


  1. Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye
  2. Om Namo Narayanaye
  3. Shree Krishna Govind Hare Murari Hey Nath Narayan Vasudeva
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