Know Why Lord Rama Offered His Eyes To Goddess Durga

Dussehra is not the only festival that signifies womanhood in Indian culture. This also marks Lord Rama’s Lanka Vijay Abhiyan.

Lord Rama is also known as Rajiva Lochana which literally means lotus eyes.

Most of us do not know about the legend that Lord Rama was about to offer his own eyes to Durga Mata before starting the war against Ravan.

For nine consecutive days, he tried to please Maa Durga. Due to the constant call of Lord Rama, the attention of Goddess Durga was focused on him. Ram wanted the blessings of Lord Maa Durga i.e. her power.

According to the legend, Goddess Durga decided to test Lord Rama before granting him his power.

Lord Rama completed 8 days of Navaratri Successfully but on the 9th day of Navaratri during the worship of Mother Goddess he worshipped with only 107 lotus flowers but Goddess needed 108 lotus flowers for the completion of Rituals. Ram felt it was his own fault during the worship of the Goddess.

The offerings were of 108 blue lotuses, which are rarely found but in order to complete the rituals and convince Goddess, it was necessary. After wandering around the forests and lakes he was able to collect the 108 lotuses.

Unfortunately, while offering the “Neel Kamal”, it was found that only 107 were present as one was hidden by Durga, herself. So, Rama decided to provide one of his eyes compared to the beauty of Lotus.

But due to his intense devotion, Devi Durga returned the blue lotus, as she was pleased and accepted his prayers with 108 lotus, and appeared in front of Rama.
Adya Shakti Durga assured Rama to bless him with the power and strength to defeat the King of Demons in Lanka Ravana. On the 10th day, Ram successfully defeated Ravan known to be called Vijayadashami.

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