Portable Marriage Truck win’s Anand Mahindra’s praise


New Delhi: Indian weddings are quite famous.  People spend a lot of savings to make the big day more eye-catchingAnandMahindra and unique. During the wedding season, people also have trouble finding a venue as bookings are made months prior. To overcome this, a company has come up with the extraordinary concept of a portable marriage hall. The initiative won the praise of famous industrialist Anand Mahindra.

The portable marriage hall inside a truck has a capacity of 200 people with an area of 40×30 feet. It has stylish interiors and an air conditioner. Mahindra appreciated the conception and design of the product. “I’d like to meet the person behind the conception and design of this product. So creative. And thoughtful. Not only provides a facility to remote areas but also is eco-friendly since it doesn’t take up permanent space in a population-dense country,” he tweeted. This unique idea has received a lot of appreciation.

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