A man takes bucket, bathes and do penance in a pothole on road filled with water

New Delhi: A person from Kerala has staged a unique protest to draw the attention of the authorities to the increasing danger due to potholes on the roads. A video of the entire performance has got viral online. In the video, a person took a bucket, a mug, a soapy bath towel and started bathing in a ditch filled with rainwater. He was also seen washing his clothes in the dirty water on the road. Local publications identified the man as Hamza Porali. It seems that the incident took place in the Malappuram district of Kerala on Sunday morning.

In this clip, local MLA UE Latif also arrived and saw Hamza Porali protesting. After reaching the MLA’s car, the man was found sitting in a ditch in meditation. He again performed yoga in front of MLAs.

However, a few days after a man died in a ditch in Kerala, this video has surfaced online. A 52-year-old scooter rider died on the spot when a truck ran over a pothole on the National Highway at Nedumbassery in Ernakulam district.

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