Bhubaneswar’s traffic problem: 5T secretaries studied the situation

Bhubaneswar: The population of Bhubaneswar is increasing day by day. The number of rolling stock is also increasing. This has made traffic control a major problem. In order to improve the traffic system of Bhubaneswar, on the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Naveen Pattnaik, 5T secretaries Mr. VK Pandiyan today early morning went for a round and checked the condition of Sishu Bhawan square, Ravi Talkiz Square, Kalpana Square, Behera Sahi Square and Rasulgarh Square. He studied and discussed with senior officials of the administration and police about the improvement of the traffic system.

During this visit, Police Commissioner Mr. S. Priyadarshi, Welfare and consumer right secretary Me. VV Yadav, BMC commissioner Mr. Kulange were prominently present. According to the information, our Chief Minister is giving more emphasis on how to improve the accidents and traffic problems in the capital Bhubaneswar as well. Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik is always showing urgency to stop the lives lost in accidents and to make the life of the people beautiful.

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