All toll gates to be stopped: Road tax to be collected with the help of cameras, changes to the number plate system

New Delhi: Toll plates are going to be implemented in India. The National Highways Authority of India is constantly working to improve the accessibility of people’s transportation in the country. The Union Road Transport Minister is in the headlines with various reforms from time to time. Currently, India’s Road Transport Minister is considering several options to replace India’s toll system.

Now there is a continuous discussion about implementing a GPS toll system and new number plate system in all toll plaza systems. Nitin Gadkari said that now we have a system of toll collection. But we are working on two options. There is an option of a satellite-based toll system in which GPS will be installed in the car and toll will be deducted from it.

Now work has started on the technology to make a new type of number plate. Keeping these number plates will be mandatory for new vehicle manufacturers. All the old number plates will be replaced by a new number plate which will have an auto-fit GPS on the number plate. A new number plate will be linked with software from which the toll payment will be automatically deducted.

Once this system comes people will get rid of long queues and at the same time, you will have to pay less for the journey. On the contrary, people will have little time in today’s busy life.

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