Cyclone Biparjoy’s Landfall in Gujarat Expected to be Delayed; Revised Time Announced

Ahmedabad: The landfall of Cyclone Biparjoy in Gujarat is expected to be delayed by a few hours, according to a recent update by the state government. The cyclone is now predicted to hit Jakhau in the Kutch district around 9-10 pm on Thursday, instead of the earlier estimated time of 4-8 PM. This information was disclosed after Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel conducted a high-level review meeting with officials from the state and central governments at the State Emergency Operation Centre in Gandhinagar.

Relief Commissioner Alok Pandey stated that the speed of the cyclone has decreased in the past few hours, resulting in the revised landfall time. However, it is important to note that despite the decrease in speed, the crisis has not been averted, and the state administration is taking all necessary precautionary measures. When the cyclone does make landfall, the wind speed is expected to remain around 115-125 kmph.

The state government has been actively focusing on evacuating people from the coastal areas of the eight districts expected to be most affected by the cyclone. Over 94,000 individuals have already been safely evacuated as of Thursday morning.

As Cyclone Biparjoy approaches Gujarat, there will be an increase in wind speed and rainfall. The meteorological department has forecasted heavy to very heavy rainfall in the 55 tehsils of the eight most vulnerable districts, which have already received 2,248 mm of rain in the past three days.

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