Dalit Youth Forced To Drink Urine For Asking His Dues in Rajasthan

Sirohi (Rajasthan): A Dalit man from the Sirohi district of Rajasthan was allegedly beaten up, forced to drink urine, and garlanded with shoes after he demanded the payment of his dues. Even while the victim begged them to stop, one of the perpetrators recorded the assault, which has gone viral online.

The victim was identified as Bharat Kumar (38), an electrician by profession.

A complaint was registered against three people on November 23 by the victim.

According to the police, Bharat had done some electrical repairs worth Rs 21,000 whereas he was only given Rs 5,000. On November 19 when Bharat asked them to pay him the remaining amount, he was told to come at night. When he went back at night they refused to pay him. He then threatened to lodge a police complaint. Upon hearing this, the accused with two others restrained him and beat him up. Further, they put a garland of shoes around his neck and forced him to drink urine. One of the accused shared a video of the event on social media.

The onslaught lasted for around five hours.

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