Got beaten up just for sending their girls to school

Indore: In a village in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh, a member of an oppressed family was beaten up for sending a 16-year-old girl to school without obeying the rules set by the upper caste people.

According to the information given by the girl at the police station, some youths of the village stopped her while she was returning from school.

He threatened her and asked, “No girl in our village is allowed to go to school, and how you dared to go?” When the girl went home and said this, the people of the house protested to the people of the village. But some high-caste people started beating them up. Five members of the girl’s family were injured in the attack.

However, the district officials have said that it is true that it is true that there have been incidents of fighting and violence in the village, but it is not about the girls going to school. This is also not racial hatred and violence. There is confusion about a well and a road. The incident is being portrayed in a different way due to the motivation of some people. However, the said case is being investigated and the culprit will be punished accordingly.

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